Easter 2015

A week before Jesus arrest and trial Jerusalem was abuzz with His triumphant arrival on the colt of a donkey.  Crowds gathered and paid homage, their King had come.  All of the waiting was over, the glory of Israel was about to be restored, Jesus, the son of David, the anointed one had arrived to claim His crown.  Spiritual power and authority was His.  No greater witness of the power of God had ever been known, the city reverberated with the praise.  God and man had met, destiny was fulfilled, or at least for the day so it seemed to the people.  Everyone was believing in Him, the people were on side, ecstatic!  Hosannas rang out, praises to God ascended to the heavens, the ground shook, so deep was the power of the praise. 

In a matter of days all was forgotten.  His enemies at last were free to move.  The power of this world was at last given the authority to seize hold and falsely accuse the sinless one in whom all the glory of God resided.  Up until that point no one could lay hold of Him, when they attempted to, He walked through their midst and continued to preach and perform signs and wonders, as God desired, in order that the people could see the one in whom they must put their trust.  Now He was delivered up.  The powers that be, those who had sat themselves in the seat of Moses, had been granted the right to deliver Him up, according to the predetermined plan, into the judgement seat of their Roman masters.

Now the one in whom all the peoples hopes were focused was revealed as powerless.  He who had cast out demons and healed the sick and raised up Lazarus from death was Himself handed to the procurator for judgement.

All of the people’s hopes for Israel’s glory were in ruins, and they despised the one whom they felt had betrayed and deceived them.  They lost their faith in Him.  Jesus had said, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.”  This they failed to do.  They denounced Him.


The Church today celebrates their ‘King’.  Even the world closes shops and takes a holiday break to mark the anniversary of His death.  Across Christendom churches are full with solemn assembly awaiting with jubilation for Easter morn, when to shouts of, “He is risen!” they exalt, from shacks in outback Australia to the hallowed halls of Papal Rome, and along the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. – Their King has come!

Or so they for the moment think.  Is He really the king they think He is or will they too be disappointed?  For did not He Himself say, ‘When the Son of Man comes will He find the faith on the earth?”

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