Easter 2018

Two thousand years ago, in recorded history, a mere yesterday, in the life of the world, something wonderful happened, an explosion, a supernova of light, a lightning flash of glory more awesome than the beginning of time in the birth of the universe, a new Adam was born, a new creation, for history was concluding as eternity had begun.

Since creation began groaning, under the sin of Adam, and we have all been subsequently born under the curse, with thorns and thistles, hard labour and toil ending in death, the way to life closed, the tree of life denied us and taken out of our grasp, now Life anew had begun.

Jesus hung on a tree like a thing cursed, a tree devoid of fruit, alone without leaf or branch, yet hidden within His heart a river of glorious life, a seed to rise again, bursting with life.

Into our midst He came, filled with the hope and promise of life.  The hidden and glorious purpose of God proclaimed through Him, full of the might and glory and wonder, the splendour of His eternal love completed a work, a work more glorious than the creation of heaven and earth, the work of forgiveness, the bringing into existence a new creation, a new heaven and earth.  Though accomplished and not yet fully seen, those who have seen and tasted are already entering into the rest of God, the new sabbath rest, opened and prepared for us by the sanctifying work of His love prepared and cleansed through His blood.

Life has kissed earth; the world shook with the fire of God’s love which burst upon the earth in Jerusalem through the rising of Jesus and the fire which fell upon the disciples waiting below for the promise of God’s anointing.  The first fruits, the beginning of the harvest into life.  Fear and trembling, signs and wonders, the might and power and glory of God, witnessed on our streets.  Life had begun.  The door to life had been opened in the eternal city just outside the gates.

Night and the bars of death had been breached, the full light and the glory of life came with a rush of breath, raising up to life breathed by the New Adam the author of Life.  All glory dwelt in Him and He had breathed the life of His glory into the hearts of men.

Day had begun and no one, no thing could close it again. The tree of Life was available once again to the sons of men.


How has such glory been hidden from our eyes since then?  The church walks in chains, stumbling blind.  Instead of fecundity it plants its infertility into fearful little children instead of the love and life they need.

Darkness and blindness and death has obscured the wonder of the life that is open to us all through the hard toil of Jesus love.  An enemy has planted itself in the buildings, the assemblies, the institutions that call themselves by His name and they have closed up to our understanding the real entrance into the life which Jesus opened to us that day now long ago.

Vainly we as people celebrate the glory of this New Creation, this new beginning with a marketing exercise, the Easter weekend, with dead sermons, talk of new beginnings, fertility, eggs and hot cross buns and meals of fish, when all around us life goes on as it always has.  Nations rise up against nations, the poor, the sick, and the infirm labour amongst us, our children look for escape from their soulless inheritance with drugs, while all we talk about is the economy and dreams of prosperity, as we walk towards our death, eyes besmeared while the real life and hope of Christ remains firmly closed to  our hearts and understanding.  If only…!


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