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Being Saved – while remaining a slave to sin

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

I have recently been told by someone, I admit not for the first time, that they have been saved by Jesus and then in the next breath gone on to explain that they would remain in imperfection until they arrived in heaven.  It is such a spectacularly incongruous declaration I am amazed that anyone can make such a claim without any sense of irony or tragedy, indeed any realistic emotion at all.  Something is profoundly wrong, but just what?

On reflection it is obvious that they have not been saved at all.  Can you imagine a drowning man responding to his rescuer with such a glib response?  Here I have been swimming in the darkness of sin, drowning in filth and shame and emptiness, not knowing how to find the shore and a strong arm reaches out to me and gives me hope and strength and immeasurable help to pluck me out of the terrifying pain and loneliness and then I turn to him in the midst of the wonder of salvation and say “I just know I am going to keep on sinning until the day I die!”

It is obvious that what the church tends to call salvation is a lie, for there is no sense of love and wonder and awe, no thankfulness in it.  There is so much scripture to be discarded as the result of this kind of belief that it is hard to know where to begin to spell it out.  We could begin with John who writes, “My little children I am writing you these things so that you don’t sin.”  Elsewhere in the same letter he writes, “No one who is born of God sins, for His seed abides in them and they cannot sin.”  It is hard to fathom that anyone can find ambiguity in such words but the church manages to do so.

It is impossible to say, by the power of the Spirit of God, that “I am saved,” and by the same Spirit of God say “that as long as I remain on earth I cannot help but sin because I am human”.  The Spirit of God does not sin for it is impossible for Him to do so.  In other words it is not the truth speaking this confession.  So the enemy has planted a deception in their heart giving not life but the lie, a false gospel!  Having their ears tickled not only do they walk in smug false assurance but they also seek to convert others to their belief in order to comfort themselves by a weight of numbers to an assurance that not only are they saved but they are labouring mightily in the service of God.  In this way sin abounds.

There is no hungering and thirsting for righteousness in the church, no real hope that God can keep them from every appearance of evil, no heartfelt desire that the holiness of God might be made manifest in their midst and that He be glorified by His presence with them and that through this outpouring of real love the fear of His name might be established with them.  In the place of real revival and real love we see horrible Pentecostal episodes of laughter and ‘falling under the power’ a new name for the old ‘being slain in the spirit’.  All these grotesque shows satisfy the need for the sensational by the gullible, but more sadly they cause real pain and hurt to already wounded people.  Everyone is being spoiled by the enemy who sits in control of the established churches and he is happy to boast through their mouths the foolish claim “I am saved by Jesus yet I must remain a slave of sin until I die’.