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Friday, March 21st, 2008

Whenever the government of a country is confronted with a moral dilemma in the delivery of its services it automatically sets up a committee to investigate the shortcomings of its administration. This approach has many admirable benefits to the government. Firstly, it makes the government feel good that it is doing something to address the deficiency. Secondly, it enables the government to effectively do nothing at all for they are waiting for the committee to arrive with its findings and when the findings do arrive they can always call a new inquiry. Thirdly, and most importantly, it enables the government to assuage its guilt at its own neglect toward its citizenry without the need to repent of its past sins.
Christians do exactly the same thing. Whenever they are confronted with their own shortcomings toward God they hold a festival. They celebrate God's goodness. This enables them to, firstly, feel good that they are doing something in addressing their own deficiency. Secondly, it enables them to put off doing anything constructive about their failings. Thirdly, and most importantly they are able to assuage their guilt while doing nothing at all towards God to repent of their past sins. This is the beauty of the annual Easter ritual!
This deficiency is no more apparent than on this day which the Church has given the name Good Friday. What exactly is good about it? The name is reminiscent of the activity of the modern day spin doctors who try desperately to turn a negative into a positive. It is surely a day of shame for the Church. Year after year the same sinners present their unrepentant, unchanged hearts before God to offer up their praise at His mercy. The death of the Lord is celebrated without an ounce of real sorrow in the collective heart of the Church. If there was real sorrow the Church would be purer, more alive with the power of His love. As it is, year by year nothing changes.