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Am I?

Thursday, February 5th, 2015



       Am I?


Am I these things

These senseless things

These things I think I am?


Am I these words

This flow of words

These words I say I am?


Am I these thoughts

These thoughts that things

And words are what I am?


Am I that thought

The thought that things

And words are what I am?


Each thought, each deed

Each word and thing

Is change of what I am.


Change is just the flow of things

The flow from where all action springs

That flow is what I am.


If I'm this change this constant flux

Then I must be this paradox

What I am I'm not.


And if I am not what I am

Then is not what I am not I?

So what is it that says I'm not?


It is not I who says I'm not

For I am, but then again, I'm not!

Either I could say I'm not.


Perhaps then its the I I'm not

That says I'm not the I I am

But then the I I'm not I am.


So then it must be neither I

The I I am the I I'm not

That says I'm not the I I am.

Easter 1983

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Day after day I’ll follow You
Wounded by the love that flows from You
Full of wonder at the agony
Love suffered to set me free.

Oh what shame, what pain You washed away
What wonder and what Joy You bring today
The body of Your love shows no decay
For in power You have risen today.

And where, oh where are we in 1983
Watching an image of Your life on colour T.V.
Are we so lost, so blind, we just can’t see
Preferring darkness to the light that sets us free.

Oh Jesus how much longer will we celebrate
When will you in your wrath say “It’s too late”
To my brothers at the foot of Mount Sinai
Still worshiping the Golden Calf.

Move our souls, our bodies through Your Spirit Lord
Open our mouths that we might preach Your word
Full with the love that flows from You
To lead lost souls to Calvary

My heart gives thanks for the morning

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

My heart gives thanks for the morning
Far brighter than the sun of any day
The brightness of Your love forever shining
Giving substance to the unseen footsteps of Your way.

Your eyes beheld me and filled with heartfelt pity
You drew me to Yourself in love's deep song
Delighting me with signs and wonders
Loosening my tongue to praise Your name.

I sing with eyes filled to overflowing
Of the glory of Your love poured out each day
To sing with heart felt wonder
That You love and keep me in Your way.

I am nothing, but Your love creates in me all praise
As You reveal in me the fire of Your everlasting passion
The life of joy You live forever with the Father
You open up and share it all with me.

I cannot fully take in all the depths of such beauty
Or adequately proclaim in words this heartfelt song
My stammering tongue is truly silenced
In the dazzling presence of Yourself

Thoughts on thought

Monday, December 10th, 2007

In the quiet gathering in of night
I thought.
In between the waves of tiredness
I dwelt upon the history
of ideas
of human thought
Stretched out like effervescent waves
fading out of sight.
All of them
with one tired sweep
would dissipate!
Their going having scant impact
on how I lived my life.

Now I know
A thousand voices in shrill chorus
will erupt
In defense of human history
And the wealth of human thought.
And yes I know the very language
with which I labour to express
is honed upon experience
The fruits of conquests and distress.
And I can hear the arguments
That one can't help but be exposed
To the transmutating powers
of the fruits of modern life.
But think!

For one quiet hour
when all the world's asleep.
Alone with only silence
As your friend.
Today a fading memory
Tomorrow yet to run
Here I am alone
An empty room
This hour, For all I know
My last
What good has human wisdom brought?
Its influence is a memory
It brings no shred of warmth
Its logic doesn't fill the void
Its triumphs do not talk.
Here towards this mystery
With no one else I walk.

I stand alone!
Even though an orchestra
Of advice be in my thoughts
No one else can stand for me.
Not the wisdom of the ages
The past advice of sages
None of it can have much bearing
On the moment I am sharing
When life meets death
What wisdom thus expressed
Can stand in for me
To face this test?