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Thursday, July 18th, 2013

We are positionally sanctified in Christ is a teaching I heard recently from a Baptist minister. Quoting some relevant texts he explained that God, when He looks down from heaven, doesn't see us but rather He sees His dearly beloved Son and this enables us to be positionally sanctified while we in fact are not sanctified at all! I always find this type of explanation appalling because it makes God out to be a fool, and this He clearly is not. When God looks at me He doesn't see Jesus, but He sees me wherever I am at. If my heart is fixed upon Him He knows that I am gazing at Him and He knows the purity and resolve of my heart toward Him. He is no fool!

We are called to sanctification, without which no man shall see God, to be set apart entirely for God. Whoever has this hope purifies himself as He is pure. That we might be perfect, vessels of honour for His use. That we might live and move and dwell at the impulse of His love.

Jesus, on the night of His betrayal, praying to the Father concerning His disciples said “For their sake I sanctify Myself.” There was nothing positional in His sanctification how can it be otherwise in us, for we are supposedly baptized into His death. Baptism is an appeal to God for a cleansed conscience toward Him. It is a declaration in the depth of our being that we are dead to Christ in our sin, and we are made alive to Him in our total commitment to Him. We are transformed by Him because He causes His love to light on us and raise us up from our death into His life.

Jesus work of sanctification is complete, the perfect path to life is opened through Him, and in Him I live and dwell and have my being, and apart from Him I can do nothing. The work of sanctification is that of His Spirit's work in me; renewing me, restoring me, revealing Jesus in me.

When such a mighty love is opened to me, when such a mighty power is working within me, when such eternal love is beckoning me, why would I ever want to talk about positional sanctification? The answer is that I find the notion unthinkable, unbearable, untenable, but it would seem many in the church do not. Why?

The simple answer is that they don't know the Lord, for there is no love of Jesus in such a response. What they have been seeking is an assurance of salvation rather than a love of God. Strange for salvation is to love God! Jesus says the Father is seeking worshippers 'who worship Him in Spirit and truth' and elsewhere He says 'This is eternal life that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent.' How can you know someone if you are not like them? We can only truly know Him by being changed into His likeness.

Sanctification is a journey, for it is to this purpose that God lays hold of us, that we might behold Him as He is. The psalmist says “As for me I shall behold Thy face in righteousness, I will be satisfied with Thy likeness when I awake.” Likewise he wrote, “When Thou didst say 'Seek My face' my heart said to Thee 'Thy face, O Lord, I shall seek.'”

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” and “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” But those who say they are positionally sanctified they are satisfied already. Of what importance is God to them?