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The Holy Spirit and Christians

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Just believing you are a Christian and 'saved' does not guarantee that this is so. While it is true that a man is saved by his faith in Christ, presuming you have faith and actually having faith are two distinct things.

On the night that Jesus was betrayed His disciples were roundly declaring that they had faith, even unto death. The intensity of their belief was not lacking, they believed with a passion, but it was revealed, before the evening was finished, that their faith was lacking. They had not arrived at the depth of faith that they had imagined. We likewise can declare to all the world that we are Christian, even unto death, but come the crunch we too are found lacking. Faith means nothing until it is put to the test. It is by being put to the test, and trusting God through our afflictions, that we grow in faith, for God never disappoints. He who trusts in God will be rewarded, for He is faithful.

Jesus knowing all things had been given into His hand, that His time had come to fulfill all that He had promised, declared that it was to His disciples advantage that He left them, for He was going to the Father and He would send to them the comforter, the Holy Spirit of promise, to strengthen them, to lead them into all truth, to stand beside them, to disclose to them what was Christ's. The Spirit was He who fulfilled Christ's words “that My Father and I will make our abode with you and will sup with you”. This promise was to them and to us, that we would not be left as orphans, but that He would come to us, and remain with us until the end of the ages.

The giving and receiving of the Spirit was experiential. Jesus opened up the way for us to enter into the very presence of the Father. Those who received the Spirit were knowing the risen Christ where He dwelt in the very presence of God in the 'Heavenlies'. The Father and the Son had made their abode with us. We were able to dwell, to live with Him, in spirit and in truth, which was the only way to worship the Father.

Death is the fruit of sin. In other words separation from God has its reward. Those who are alive from the dead are those who within themselves have the witness of the truth of eternal life. They are already alive from the dead and bear witness to the truth of Christ's living and dying and resurrection. For within themselves they are living the fruits of His ministry, they are being lead by Him who has overcome death and lives at the right hand of the Father. They are bearing witness to His judgment against sin, to His being righteous before God and to the power of His resurrection, for they are knowing Him, and receiving from Him the power of life that the world does not know, and cannot know, unless they also turn from their sins and taste the fruit's of His heavenly love.

This was why it was to our advantage that the Lord left and went to the Father, that we might receive the Spirit of truth, that we might live in the secure knowledge of His heavenly kingdom and the power of his love, that we might stand with strength in the time of our testing and not be scattered, as were His disciples, but prevail as they also prevailed and bore witness to the power and truth of the living Son in their lives after Pentecost.

If you do not have the Spirit you cannot understand the scripture because the Spirit is the power by which we know God. No one knows the thoughts of a man but the spirit of a man, and through the Spirit we know the thoughts, the very, heart of God. When you know the Father, through the Son, through His Spirit, you cannot be mistaken as to the intent of His words in scripture, for if you live to Him your very being is enlightened, by the knowledge of His presence, to the wisdom that is written which bears witness to His doings in dealing with the lives of men. I understand because I know, because His Spirit bears witness with my spirit and thus I am lead into all truth.

We can only receive His Spirit if we are truly dead to our sin, if we truly have no alternative within ourselves but Him, if we love Him and seek Him and delight in Him and desire with all of our being to do His will. If this is your desire then you will know the Holy Spirit for He will be in you and with you and for you and you will live, for death will no longer rule you. This is the promise and the hope and the need for us all.

For God did not declare to us that which we cannot know, but rather that which we can. He did not speak the promise of the Gospel for a time to come, but here and now. Today is the day of your visitation! If the hope is not just for the fullness of time but for the here and now then we must know within ourselves the times of refreshing, the seed of promise, the good deposit, who will lead and guide us in all of our lives while we remain here, for the Lord's sake, to proclaim the glad tidings, and He will remain with us, the guarantee and the proof of our faith until our life's work is fulfilled and we join together with all the saints in the awesome fullness of the divine presence, the full gathering of the harvest, which is the glorious testimony of the work of Christ and the power of His triumph and the glory of His love.

If this is yours and increasing, then you will know within yourself the truth of these words and your peace will remain and nothing will be an occasion for stumbling for you.