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Christmas 2012

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

While all the world feasts declaring, with pride, the ‘Christmas Spirit’ in which they celebrate and feeling assured that they somehow bear witness to the advent of Christ, those who truly know Christ weep. Those who won’t join in with the throng are treated with suspicion. Just how real is the world’s rejoicing at the coming of Christ or more importantly how real is the Church’s celebration at the coming of Christ?

As we witness the annual religious ceremonies with all the accompanying pomp it is interesting to meditate upon the events surrounding Christ's birth. When Jesus came into the world the Father did not herald His coming to the religious elite – the rabbis or the priests – but rather to a group of shepherds, nobodies, whom the authorities, or the wider community, would neither listen to or believe their witness of the truth! You can just imagine them being asked to prove what they saw!! Bearing this in mind it is incredulous to believe that in this age of reason we are still capable of singing our Christmas songs.

God did not reveal to the Rulers of His people just what wonder had been performed in their midst, but such were the portents that the wise men journeyed using their 'Arts' to arrive in time for the birth. It was they who, in their fumbling, alerted the ruler Herod to the birth of a 'rival', resulting in the massacre of the innocents. God didn't trust the priests and rulers who lorded over His people and nor should we.

Christmas, as we celebrate it, is really the world rejoicing over the death of Christ not His birth. For how we celebrate is not bearing witness to the spiritual trophies Jesus won for us – love, peace, joy, patience, self control but rather the giving and sharing of worldly pleasures – food, drink, presents.

Jesus came to set us free from vanity, from emptiness, from foolishness, from death. For if we live our lives to celebrate that which is perishing then surely you can see that we are already dying. For where a man's treasure is there is where is heart dwells. The goods and the abundance of this life remain here but the things of God are eternal and no one can take these things from us and they never perish.