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Thoughts on Christians

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The world heckles Christians for their moral outrage, for the way Christians claim the moral high ground in public debate and wish to impose their certitude upon all and sundry with what can only be described as self-righteousness. This self-righteousness is the purpose of this article.

Self-righteousness is a stance taken by someone who believes that they have arrived at moral integrity by their own efforts, or in the case of most Christians, those who presume that they have arrived at moral integrity without effort. Both positions are the product of self delusion.

A Christian should be someone who realises that by their own efforts they are completely lacking moral integrity. Moral integrity, purity, wholeness flows as an outpouring of love which is the fruit of a relationship of which, on our own, we are lacking. It is the knowledge of this lack, the need for such love, that can be the starting point for the journey which is the search for God.

For Christians to demand of others that they live to a standard that Christians themselves find impossible, without God, is hypocrisy. This is further compounded by the fact that those who call themselves Christians maintain that they themselves find it impossible to keep God's commandments and that they themselves must sin until the day that they die and only know perfection after death. Altogether it makes Christians a rather 'rum' lot.

Christianity as proclaimed is not a gospel of love but of convenience. It is not a gospel for men and women so aware of their emptiness and moral bankruptcy that they need life at all cost and upon discovering the depth and the breadth of God's love for them abandon all other pursuits for the sheer joy of being a lover of Him.

For this is the truth, Christianity is not a belief system, although it is true that the just shall live by faith, but rather that Christianity is a living communion between a man and Christ. By this I mean a once sinful man has turned from his sinning ways to Christ, for it is impossible to be joined to Christ and sin at the same time. A man knows that he is joined to Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit, for Jesus, being Spirit, dwelling in Heaven, communes to His followers through an outpouring of His Spirit. A man knows that his spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit as surely as he knows that it once was not. He is lifted up into heavenly places, and knows with a certainty beyond words that he is approved of God, born of His Spirit, forgiven of his sins. He no longer doubts these things, but God assures his soul of God's love and mercy and truth. In this way he no longer speculates or hopes but knows with a certainty beyond words that he is a beloved child of God, a friend of the Most High, an associate of God, in fellowship with the Father and the Son. The promises of God are no longer words written on a page but truth filling his life. In this he rejoices with joy beyond words and cannot doubt or sin. For a man cannot be joined to God and sin at the same time.

When Jesus was with the disciples He kept them, but in His death the disciples fell away, for the centre of their soul, which had been filled with the living presence of their friend and saviour, crumbled in the darkened reality of His absence. The light which filled them was no longer with them and in the sudden plunging of their life into darkness they no longer knew where they walked. He was the light that had sustained and kept them. Why do you think that they left all and followed? It was because His presence filled some need in their soul that deepened and grew and completely filled them as they walked with Him. But when He died, when He was taken from them, all the joy, the light, the purpose that had filled them no longer was with them and they walked blind and grieving and unbelieving. But He made their joy complete when He returned to them, risen from the dead. No more they doubted Him, no more did they mourn and weep for their joy was made full in His presence once again. Here in the upper room, there on the shore of Galilee. He opened their understanding to life, His life. And when He ascended into Heaven and poured out His Spirit at Pentecost they were able to walk as He once walked after His baptism in the Holy Spirit in the River Jordan. His disciples were fearless because they no longer lived to the rules and the expectations and the hopes and dreams of this world, but had been transformed through their clinging to Him, to become living witnesses of heavenly power and grace. It was, as Paul later described, no longer they who lived, but Christ who live in them.

A man has to be worked on in the same manner today by Christ for him to become a minister and a servant and a son of the Most High. It is no easy path and there is many a slip and stumble along the way before a man is really grounded in the full truth of His love and power. Narrow is the path that leads to life and few there are who find it, but he who finds it and endures, the narrow path becomes a Highway of Holiness, and no unclean thing walks upon it. This is the hope of His calling that we may become, on this earth, like Him, pure, undefiled and incapable of sin; that we might present to this world a living witness of the life of the world to come. That we walk just as He walked whilst here upon this earth. This is the Spirit that a real Christian lives in.

Those who call themselves Christians today do not live by this Spirit, but rather they live by a theological understanding, a belief system, spiritually partying on an illusion rather than being transformed into His likeness. Worse than this they prevent others from entering into life, for they proclaim themselves wise, concerning Christ, yet they do not know Him and they dirty the water, confuse the minds, corrupt the hearts of those who are seeking life, for they do not draw others through the waters of Baptism into the living hope of a transformed life that they themselves are living and knowing, but rather into the school of schism and confusion which is the Church.

The religion that they proclaim is self righteousness writ large. For they proclaim that they are Christ's body, God's children not by a spiritual reality but by a theological speculation, which has been handed down to them as Articles of Faith. It is not that which you are told which saves you but rather the imperishable Spirit of God within you. That is if His Spirit truly dwells within you.

Self-righteousness is when you proclaim yourself to be righteous when you are not. Christians declare themselves to be righteous, children of God, but then declare that even if they do not wish to sin, they must, for the love of God in their hearts is not greater than the power of sin in their members. In fact what they say is even while they live they are dead!

For a man truly to be righteous he must be joined in Spirit to the righteous one in whom there is no sin. If he truly is joined to Christ and he now lives by the power of Christ's Spirit ruling in him, how can he then say I must sin? He cannot speak thus in the Spirit of Christ, he can only speak thus in the spirit of the flesh in which nothing good dwells.

So a man who proclaims that he is a Christian, and yet says but I cannot stop sinning, I cannot walk free from the power of sin while I live on earth, is a liar and the truth is not in him. These are the words of the men that teach in our pulpits, that rule in the high places of the church, that anoint one another to service with their polluted hands. These are the ones that baptise our infants and marry our young men and women, that appear on our television as religious spokesmen, that write indignant letters to our newspapers on all manner of moral issues. Yet they teach that they themselves are righteous, in a better spiritual state than any good compassionate atheist, simply because they believe themselves to be. Yet scripture says it is not what a man says that makes him righteous but what he does!

The Church is full of dead men's bones and who,who can save it?